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Patty Sulik of Willoughby began her journey in the wellness industry four years ago after struggling to find solutions for her chronically ill daughter.

She has found answers in the form of a unique therapeutic treatment – a device that emits a pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF, which can be used to stimulate blood flow throughout the body, affecting even tiny blood vessels. The therapy sessions, which last only about eight minutes, are designed to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms through microcirculation.

Sulik said that after learning more about electromagnetic therapy, she bought the device for her family – and found huge success. Not only did this help her daughter, but when Sulik was injured in a car accident that caused slipped and torn discs in her neck, she found continued pain relief using the PEMF device.

In an effort to help others reap similar benefits, Sulik launched 8 Minutes to Wellness in 2017, offering therapy sessions away from home. As the business grew, she decided it was time for 8 Minutes to Wellness to have its own space.

Sulik recently celebrated the grand opening of the new 8 Minutes to Wellness studio, located in Suite 300-C of the Matchworks Building, 8500 Station St. in Mentor. She is joined by two other providers, Karen Martin and Connie Murzyn, who are also certified to perform the therapy sessions.

The three of them have all found success with ongoing treatment sessions and hope the new studio will provide more accessibility for those who wish to try electromagnetic therapy.

“It’s about helping people,” Sulik said. “This is my result, I just want to help people.”

Martin explained that in early summer she suffered a rotator cuff injury and was unable to lift even a 2-pound weight, but thanks to sessions with the PEMF machine, she is now returned to a weight of 20 pounds.

“What happens is that it targets and stimulates electrical activity in the muscle tissue of the body, so basically we’re getting more nutrients and oxygen to your cells because of the flow we get with that. electromagnetic energy, ”Martin explained.

Martin said it is beneficial for virtually any area of ​​the body with discomfort, inflammation, or other injuries. It’s also helpful in improving sleep quality and energy levels, she said.

“It helps [the body] to heal oneself only accelerates this process, ”she said.

Jan Kopec, a regular user of electromagnetic pulse therapy, receives a treatment session at the opening event of 8 Minutes to Wellness. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

The therapy device itself looks like a wide, padded belt, and Martin said most people don’t feel anything from the device while it is in use, other than a slight feeling of heat or tingling at times.

8 Minutes to Wellness will offer appointments Monday through Friday, as well as some appointments on a limited basis on weekends. To make an appointment, visit 8minutestowellness.setmore.com/ or call 440-527-3724.

About 20 other local wellness-focused businesses joined in the grand opening celebration on August 5, setting up a covered market in the Matchworks building. Event attendees were not only able to receive a free session with 8 minutes for wellness, but were able to learn and shop with vendors such as The Helicopter Daughter health and beauty store, The Helicopter Daughter Coaching Service. wellness Be Well By You and Nancy Susteric representing Vemma Nutrition.

Many local businesses focused on health and wellness gathered at the Matchworks Building in Mentor for a covered market commemorating the opening of 8 Minutes to Wellness. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

Busy Bees Pottery & Art Studio, based in the Great Lakes Shopping Center, was also onsite and offered guests free stamping of jewelry pendants.

“I’m good friends with Karen and Patty, and as friends and female business owner, I wanted to support and show myself to help spread the word,” said Beth Brinton, owner of Busy Bees.

Also among the sellers was Maria Fitzgerald, owner and designer of One Ray Journal, a collection of daily wellness and motivation journals designed to help people focus on highlighting daily intentions and the things for which they are grateful, as well as establishing healthy habits.

“In five minutes a day, they help you piece together what you feel good about and how to become the best, healthiest, and happiest yourself,” said Fitzgerald.

Maria Fitzgerald, owner of One Ray Journal, shows off a collection of her daily affirmation and gratitude journals. (Sheena Holland Dolan -The News-Herald)

“I had been keeping a journal for about ten years and coming from a bad mental state in high school, I was just looking for one little thing a day that I could do to feel good about myself and get through the day,” he said. -she explains. “It’s like ‘What kind of energy do I want to bring in for the day?’ through an intention or “what’s my list of three items of gratitude?” Even if it’s just a cup of coffee or my dog, just something to make me feel good.


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