3-year-old boy dies after falling from 29th-floor balcony in New York, investigation ongoing


The child’s death is “under active investigation”. (Representative photo)

A 3-year-old boy died on Saturday after falling from the 29th floor balcony of an apartment building in New York.

According New York Post, neighbors described hearing what sounded like a “boom” and a “bang” as the child fell and landed on the scaffolding on the fifth floor of the high-rise building. An eyewitness said the child’s mother, who was outside at the time, started screaming. “She was sitting on the floor in her socks. She was screaming, “My baby, my baby, he’s up there,” this eyewitness said.

The boy’s father, meanwhile, ran downstairs and tried to climb the scaffolding to retrieve his son, but was unable to. The 3-year-old was rushed to Harlem Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Speaking to the outlet, Tangerine Castro, who lives on the 23rd floor, said after hearing a thundering “boom”, she stepped out onto her balcony. “Anyone upstairs who could see downstairs saw the little boy with the yellow shirt. He was flat in the scaffolding,” Ms Catro said.

Nidia Cordera, who lives on the 34th floor, said her children heard a “big fight” between adults coming from the 29th floor balcony and less than 10 minutes later there was a “clap”. “When you look at the terrace, you see the body of the baby. He was wearing his diapers and his t-shirt,” she added. Furthermore, Ms Cordera also said that she had helped the child’s mother in the past, even buying her nappies and milk.

“He was a beautiful little boy,” she added.

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New York City laws require owners of buildings with three or more apartments to install window guards if a child age 10 or younger lives there. It is unclear where window guards were installed in this particular apartment.

According to the reports, a police spokesperson said the child’s death was ‘under active investigation’ and officers were speaking with two people who were inside the apartment when the boy fell.


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