3 Ways Influencer Marketing Blends Perfectly With SEO Strategy


This article was originally published on NisonCo, and appears here with permission.

Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver approaches that reach their customers in new and inspired ways. Some are developing complex email marketing strategies while others are dabbling in content creation using platforms like Youtube, Tik Tok, and Instagram. Others are noticing how search engine optimization (SEO) can help them climb the ranks to take their brand visibility to new heights. Each of these efforts is admirable, and each can offer its own benefit if used correctly. Today, we wanted to address how brands combine SEO with influencer marketing to craft an impactful strategy.

Influencer marketing is rolled out across various social media platforms, with influencers selling branded products around the world. From travel specials to beauty power professionals, millions of people are following influencers’ advice on which products to try and which to leave behind. If you are a brand looking to polish their SEO strategy, influencer marketing can be a fantastic tool. Let’s learn more about this premium technique and how it can boost your campaigns to get your name known, everywhere.

1. Influencers drive traffic to your site, build brand confidence

It’s no secret that influencers are a big deal. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande pay big when it comes to posting a partner product on behalf of influencer marketing, averaging between $ 1 and $ 1.6 million per post! However, you don’t need to have a top celebrity to reap the benefits of influencers. Even with a smaller subscriber base, influencers can help drive traffic to brands for the desired ROI.

You might be wondering what the connection is between influencer marketing and SEO? Like SEO, influencer marketing relies on customer trust. Time and time again, various influencers catch criticism for pushing unreliable products. It is essential to work alongside influencers who listen to and trust their audience, as their fan base will be much more likely to buy the featured brand’s product if they believe in it.

If you build a relationship with a reliable influencer, it can help drive significant organic traffic to your site. Make sure you pay attention and nurture any relationships with the influencers you work with. This is essential to ensure a lasting connection with someone you can trust to support you and support your brand’s mission. Additionally, search engines will take these relationships into account when determining your authority, especially with well-known influencers. These relationships are essential to keep customers talking about your products and, more importantly, to improve your bottom line.

2. Influencers Can Provide Quality Desired Backlinks

Backlinks connect one website to another, and they can prove to be extremely valuable to your business. When you build a relationship with a known influencer, there’s a good chance they’ll have a blog or website that you can relate to. When you have a notable influencer who links to your site, Google will recognize the importance of that relationship and will be more likely to rank you higher than your competition for your high quality backlink.

These backlinks boost your influence, but it is essential to diversify the origin of your backlinks. Match your brand with a few impactful influencers to have multiple ranking websites that refer you. Remember that Google will take these factors and use them. All the while, you will most likely receive site visits from influencers when customers read content about your product, whether it’s an intriguing guest post or a post about your brand.

3. Influencers can meet your niche requirements (and interests)

Even if your brand operates in an exclusive niche, your target audience will still be exposed to dozens of search results related to the topic. SEO influencer marketing can help differentiate your brand by highlighting its efforts in your given niche. If you’re a cruelty-free vegan brand, for example, you can use influencer marketing to test your products, incorporate your searched keywords, and satisfy your niche vegan terms by including them in any copy you provide to social media. of the influencer. content or blog.

If you operate as a recycled hemp clothing brand, you can partner with an influencer to mix up your niche terms like “recycled hemp shoe brands” to start a movement to both amplify your keywords and to raise awareness of the vast environmental impacts of current clothing and the textile market.

Consider adding influencer marketing to your SEO campaign

SEO is constantly evolving, and combining influencer marketing with the mix is ​​just one more way to diversify your strategy and take action to help elevate your brand further. There are many ways that influencers can help you increase traffic to your site, increase high quality backlinks, and help you meet your niche requirements.

If you are considering adding influencer marketing to your SEO campaign, consider how this effort can help add to your overall message. Are you looking to increase your footprint in a relatively large pool or simply to jump into a new industry? Influencers can help get this message across to large audiences that your brand may not (yet) have access to.


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