20 popular canned soups, ranked from worst to best


Campbell’s has so many good soups that we had to include them three times on our list. This time, Campbell’s Well Yes! claimed our #4 spot on the popular canned soup chart. This healthy range differs slightly from the brand’s classic soup line. According to Campbell’s website, the Well Yes! range are sipping soups, making it a super convenient option for easy on-the-go dining. The soups also contain vegetables, which makes us feel good about the brand as a whole.

These soups focus on nourishment and satisfaction with simple ingredients you might find in your kitchen. Lucky for you, you won’t need any of those homemade ingredients, because Campbell’s does the work for you, adding everything you need for a delicious hot meal in one easy-to-prepare container or box.

According to Campbell’s, the goal of launching this line was to make soups convenient without sacrificing healthy ingredients. This meant adding familiar yet wholesome ingredients like whole grains, meats and vegetables, with no artificial colors or dyes. We love the variety from Campbell’s Say Yes! soups, including so many vegan and vegetarian options. The nutritious ingredients and taste of these soups have helped this brand make it to the top of our list.


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