189 Police Medal for Bravery Valley Counter Terrorism to Bangla Border Smugglers Cops Honored for Bravery


Jammu and Kashmir police personnel who killed militants in the valley without collateral damage, a CRPF chief constable who died fighting militants in Kashmir, an SSB officer who continued to retaliate against Maoists in the Dumka region of Jharkhand even after sustaining gunshot wounds, a BSF agent who caught a Bangladeshi cattle smuggler in West Bengal.

These are among 189 winners of the Police Medal for Bravery (PMG) This year.

The lion’s share of bravery awards were again won by J&K Police (115 medals), followed by Chhattisgarh Police (10) and Odisha Police (9). Among the Central Armed Police Forces, the CRPF won 30 medals of bravery, the ITBP and SSB won three awards each, and BSF personnel received two.

Among theatres, J&K won 134 bravery awards, followed by 47 PMGs awarded to personnel operating in the LWE theatre. A PMG was awarded for its action in the North East.

According to J&K Police, three of its operations in 2019-20 in Budgam, Baramulla and Pulwama stood out for the bravery shown by its men in killing six militants from different terrorist outfits. The most publicized of these operations took place in Sopore, Baramulla, where a team consisting of Constables Aijaz Ahmed Dar, Nazir Ahmed Lone and Jahangir Hussain Magray killed two “Pakistani LeT Category A terrorists” as well as a local agent.

According to their citation, the three men were part of the team that approached a two-story building where militants were hiding and returned fire when the militants suddenly opened fire in an attempt to escape.

In another operation in Sopore in July 2020, CRPF Chief Constable Deep Chand Verma died fighting militants locked in a mosque. As militants began firing as the CRPF team set up a morcha, Verma “took position behind a chinar and fired back,” according to his quote.

“He was in the direct line of fire…Verma was hit by the terrorist’s bullet, but he kept firing…He later succumbed to his wounds,” the quote reads. He said Verma’s timely retaliation gave time for his associates led by Deputy Commander Johan Beck to take a stand and launch a counterattack that ultimately killed the terrorist.

The two PMGs earned by BSF were for taking on cattle smugglers in the eastern theater. Constable Anand Oraon was attacked by smugglers near the Bangladesh border in West Bengal when he challenged them after noticing the movement of a dozen cattle overnight. According to BSF, a smuggler grabbed his pump-action pistol and shot Oraon in the abdomen, seriously injuring him. Oraon didn’t lose control of his weapon and eventually overpowered the smuggler.

Constable Sunder Singh showed similar courage when he was surrounded by several cattle smugglers near the Bangladesh border in Bengal. According to BSF, the smugglers hit him in the head, but Singh fired to disperse them and eventually caught one.

SSB Agent Niraj Chetry was awarded the PMG for engaging with the Maoists deep in the jungles of Dumka, Jharkhand. Chetry and four of his colleagues suffered gunshot wounds during the operation and died during treatment.

In addition to this, 88 Presidential Police Distinguished Service Medals and 662 Police Meritorious Service Medals were awarded to police personnel and officers across the country.

Among the CAPF recipients for meritorious service was CRPF 2IC Shyam Sejwal, who previously served in Chhattisgarh and is currently serving in the MHA as a legal officer.


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